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Say "NO"??? Absolutely

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Celebrating is absolutely great! And, there are so many reasons to do it...she said yes, you got a promotion, it's Friday night, you won at cards, it's your best friend's milestone birthday, your team just won the super bowl. These and a lot of others are great reasons to celebrate. But they should never end up at strip clubs. And if they do, you'll never be in a Black Label vehicle.


We routinely turn down tons of business by sticking to that one decision - bachelor, bachelorette parties and transportation to strip clubs. People often ask why.

It's like this; more often than not, glitzy black car transportation along with limousines and private cars tent to associated with the strip clubs. We clearly recognize it as a dangerous industry that exploits women, encourages drug use, pornography and often human trafficking and prostitution.

Did you read that? This industry exploits women, encourages alcohol and drug use, pornography and often human trafficking, and prostitution.

Starting out, we were clear about what our purpose was. This was a no brainer for us and for staff. Since those times we have heard all sorts of stories about cuts and slices in leather seats from spiked high heals, after hours fights in a car and on the side of the road, people getting stabbed or shot, and people who got into major trouble with spouses. This is just not the kind of business we want. In fact, we won't even refer you to anyone if you are going that direction.

Will we take you around for a night on the town? Absolutely. But please don't ask us to take you to a strip club. Its just not honoring.

Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts?

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