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Business Meeting

The Black Label Fleet

The automobile in which you ride should always be high-end and special.  That's why all of Black Label's vehicles are meticulously maintained to ensure not only sound operational reliability but a flawless and beautiful appearance. Our sedan fleet is all Mercedes S550. Likewise, our SUV fleet is made up of Suburbans and our coach fleet are tall executive transit coaches. We keep all our vehicles in showroom quality condition. 


Executive service is about the image - from the inside out.


Are you planning an executive event? We can provide as many individual automobiles as necessary within any city in the US.  Should you require a luxury coach or bus, we can provide as many as you need, as well. No event is ever too difficult.

We can provide luxury coaches ad buses

The Executive 14 Passenger Coach


The prestige this vehicle delivers will ensure that your business meeting, dinner gathering, sports event, or other social outing is perfect. Our fleet of executive coaches have luxurious roomy forward facing seats, full height standing room, and ample luggage storage - just a few of the standard amenities you can expect.  Your executives can be confident that you mean business. Always guaranteed confidential, exclusive and always delivered by the most professional chauffeur available.  You will find no other service like this in the region at such a competitive price point.

Mercedes Benz S550


Say hello to the ultimate in luxury - the perfect compliment to the CEO or VIP.  The Mercedes Benz S550 always provides the image and comfort that you have grown to expect in executive transportation. Some have said the Benz S550 is the finest luxury car in the world. But everyone seems to rave about the comfort of the back seats noting that once there you may never want to leave. With its divine ride comfort, opulent interior and vast array of executive features, executives agree that the Mercedes Benz S550 is the best luxury car on the road today. You will be assured a smooth trip, no matter the distance or weather condition. Always executive and always a perfect luxury compliment to your busy corporate life, it is everything you expect from Mercedes Benz.



Chevrolet Suburban


Our SUV fleet was specifically chosen to compliment the powerful business brand.  Regardless of the number of SUVs you require, Black Label can and will deliver. The powerful first impression you make with the executive Chevrolet Suburban is amazing. From its confident, aerodynamic proportions to its premium accents and refined and luxurious leather interiors, this handsome vehicle lives up to its looks with superior capability and comfort - that's why our SUV fleet is all Suburban.


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