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Do Cars Matter?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

You bet they do!

The automobile in which you ride should always ALWAYS be high-end and special. That's why all of Black Label's vehicles are and have ALWAYS been meticulously maintained to ensure not only sound operational reliability but a flawless and beautiful appearance. Our sedan fleet is only Mercedes S550. We keep all of them in showroom quality condition.

We see so many car companies with sedans that do not meet industry standards - meaning they are not black on black, are old and outdated, and just don't meet that executive qualification. Executive service is about the image - from the inside out.

That is why we only have the Mercedes S55O in our fleet. It truly is the ultimate in luxury and is the perfect compliment to the CEO, VIP, or Corporate Executive. The Mercedes Benz S550 always provides the image and comfort that executives have grown to expect in executive transportation. There is just such a difference. Some even say the S550 is the finest luxury car in the world.

From the perspective of Black Label, our customers absolutely rave about the comfort of the back seats noting that once there you may never want to leave. With its divine ride comfort, opulent interior and vast array of executive features, most executives agree the Mercedes Benz S550 is the best luxury car on the road today. You will be assured a smooth trip, no matter the distance or weather condition.

We transport A LOT of people to and from both public and private airports. The comments we receive are "We love traveling to Kansas City because your cars are over the top," or "Wow, this is so much better than I expected," or "Gosh they pulled out all the stops for me," or even "This is so much nicer than my Lexus." This model is always executive and always a perfect luxury compliment to your busy corporate life, it is everything you expect from Mercedes Benz. THAT is why we only have these in our sedan fleet.

A good executive ground team will operate as a partner, thus providing a tremendous return on investment in the areas of time management, planning and coordination. And that is who we are. At Black Label, we do our best to be an extension of your staff and will leverage our relationships (locally, regionally and nationally) to provide the highest quality of service in a cost conscious manner; working tirelessly to ensure that transportation is a compliment to you and is executed flawlessly.

Call us to see the difference...

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